Here is some of what our clients have to say




KiahannDecember 2017 - I have had my license for almost a week now and can definitely say that I wouldn't be as confident in my driving if it wasn't for both Karen and Allan's assistance. A huge thank you to both of you for everything. I truly recommend their driving school to everyone! 🚘

DylanDecember 2017 - Last but not least he's finally on the road, thanks to Karen and Allan at L’s Be Gone,  they are great instructors and definitely would recommend!! 🚙🚙

KiraleeDecember 2017 - A big thanks to Karen for teaching me how to be a safe & responsible driver. I appreciate all of your hard work and patience in helping me to pass my driving test.

DebDecember 2017 - Thank you so much Karen! You done amazing job teaching my daughter to drive a manual car. Your patience & understanding is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend you for anyone looking for an instructor.

AntoniaDecember 2017 - Karen is a patient and thorough instructor. Thanks for helping me pass first time!

Kayla- November 2017 - Thank you Karen for helping me become the driver I am today, I could not have done it without you and I would definitely recommend you to others.

HenriettaOctober 2017 - Karen is such a beautiful instructor who was extremely patient and understanding with me.  She was able to fast track me in two lessons and able to help me pass my driver's test on the first go. Would definitely recommend this fantastic driving school to anyone looking for a reliable and money's worth driving instructor.

KapilOctober 2017 - My experience having Karen as my instructor has been exceptionally amazing.  Not only is she very professional , patient and perfect but also, she is great at teaching all things that you need to know for the drive test as well as how to become a safe driver. Your tips helped me a lot to pass on my first test .** Million thanks to perfect instructor Karen**  I highly recommend :)

HibahOctober 2017 - Thank you Karen for your guidance during all my driving.. words are not enough to thank you.. you’re the best person I have ever met.. you helped me build up my confidence and believed in me.. I will never forget you all my life..

TravisSeptember 2017 - Fantastic school....... I have tried other and Ls Be Gone is the best by far.

Would recommend 100%.  Thanks Karen

MadelynSeptember 2017 - Thanks so much Karen for helping me pass my test. Before my lessons I was such a nervous driver and she has helped me become comfortable while driving. I think I'll always remember: mirror, signal, mirror, head-check.

Ashley- September 2017 - Very big thank you to Karen for helping me pass today I've learnt so much off you and Allan I would recommend these guys to anyone they were so helpful can't thank them enough

Aoibhean- September  2017 - When I first started taking lessons with Karen and Allan I was very close to giving up manual. Having struggled to find the right driving school, my confidence was gone and I felt like I was never going to get my licence. Karen and Allan were kind, calm and diligent in their instructions and worked very hard to rebuild my confidence. It was a pleasure to work with them both and I couldn't recommend them more.

Deb- August 2017 - I highly recommend L's Be Gone. Fantastic instructor who really takes the time to explain things correctly. Nothing is too much trouble for these guys. We now have our 2nd learner being taught by Karen. Always on time, and always takes the time out to inform parents of how the lesson went. Would give 10 stars if I could.

Grace- July 2017 - Thank you so much to the lovely Karen for helping me finally get my P's! 😁Couldn't have done it without her and her amazing advice!

Greg- July 2017 - Awesome!  Highly recommend L's Be Gone Driving School. We have found them to be very professional at all times while teaching our daughters to drive. Great communication, always on time, very patient and very in touch with what the girls need as perspective drivers.

Deon- July 2017 - Thank you Karen and Allan... Your guidance and help really made the difference... Thank you so much once again..

Mi- July 2017 - Excellent and supportive instructors!

Jacqueline- May 2017 - Thank you so much Allan and Karen! Very calm & soothing, very knowledgable, great teaching!  Will definitely recommend you to others in the future ☺️☺️

Umut- May 2017 - Many many thanks to Karen for everything she taught me;  I couldn't have passed my exam without her help.

Mark- May 2017 - Thanks to L's Be Gone, I've passed my P's!!  I honestly recommend them to everyone. Thank you to the L's Be Gone team. Karen and Allan, who have helped me, and taught me so much on the road!  Everyone please recommend them, take my word from experience

Jamison- May 2017 - Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test today!! Karen really helped calm my nerves before the test and I couldn't recommend them enough!

Britney  April 2017 - Thanks so much Karen for helping me pass my driving test today! I couldn't have done it without your help. I really appreciate it!

Japinder- March 2017 - Thank you so much Karen and Allan for helping me to get my license. I got good experience with you, you helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

Erica- March 2017 - Thanks so much Allan for helping me to pass my test on my first go. I learnt so much from you. I would highly recommend!

Connor - February 2017 - Thank you so much Karen and Allan for helping me get my license you both where amazing and highly recommend.

Nargish - February 2017 - Thank you so much for helping me out to get my licence. I really appreciated your hard work and way of your teaching. I would like to recommend anyone who wants to get his/her licence. Good Luck. Nargish

Joel - February 2017 - Thank you Karen for helping me get my manual licence highly recommend, great teacher! A++

Dana - February 2017 - A big thankyou to Allan and Karen for teaching me to be safe on the roads!  Many drive schools may teach to pass the drive test, but with you I was taught to practice safe driving and look out for myself and others on the roads.  Before my lessons I was nowhere near as comfortable as I am now that I can get on the roads and know that I am a safe and courteous driver.  Both absolutely fantastic driving teachers and would highly recommend to anyone that is a new driver. Thanks again!

Georgia - February 2017 - Huge thank you to Karen and Allan for helping me get my P's today, couldn't have done it without your awesome teaching and support through my millions of questions.☺️ THANKYOOUUU!

KaUr - February 2017 - Thank you so much Karen for your help and support to get my licence.
Highly recommended your service.👍🏻

Sohel - January 2017 - Thank you very much Allan & Karen for helping me to get the license. I cannot recommend enough to everyone "L's Be Gone" !!  No one in Melbourne is better than you (and you are  4th instructor)). I have already spread your name to my community. Thank you Allan once again and I will always follow your instructions and guidance. Driving with you my friend was a real pleasure. I will miss that for a long time. Abu.

Dimitri - January 2017 - Would like to give a massive thank you to you Karen on giving me the knowledge and the skill to successfully complete my driving test and get my P's!  I wouldn't of been able to of achieve this feat if it wasn't for you!  Thank you for putting up with me and being patient with me and helping me become a better driver!!!

Matthew - January 2017 - Would like to thank Karen and Allan for the time and effort you put in to help get ready and pass my test and I would highly recommend L's Be Gone!  Thanks again.

Jessie - December 2016 - Thank you so much Karen for helping me get my license!  Before our lessons I wasn't yet 100% comfortable on the road but you really helped me build up my confidence and taught me a lot and I really appreciate everything. You're great driving instructor and would reccomend you to anyone who asked 

Teagan - December 2016 - I want to say a HUGE thank you to Karen for helping me get my license! After 4 years of people bugging me about not having it... GUESS WHAT I FINALLY GOT IT! 🎉 I could not thank her enough for the handy tips, advice, support and encouragement she provides in every single lesson.

Anyone looking to build confidence and courage to go for their license like I was.. I HIGHLY recommend L's Be Gone with Karen. You will be completely satisfied and unable to wipe the smile off your face like me.


Jetty - November 2016 - Highly recommend Karen as driving instructor teaches you very well and helped me get my license in automatic and manual thank you !

Drew - November 2016 - Thanks for all the lessons Karen! Your lessons gave me the skills needed to be a safe driver on the road.  I would recommend you any day.

Jarrod - November 2016 - Thanks so much to Karen for giving me the guidance and knowledge on how to be safe on the roads! Highly recommend this driving school.

Alexandra - November 2016 - Just wanna say a massive thank you to Karen for helping me get my P's! You taught me so much about driving & I would definitely recommend you to anyone aiming to get their license or brush up on a few skills ! Can't thank you enough xx

Kristy - November 2016 - Thanks so much Karen!  I've had the best experience, honestly learnt so much from you!  You're the best, highly recommend xx

Gemma - November 2016 - Karen, my hero! Just when I thought that I won't ever get my license, Karen came along to teach and motivate me. She has the patience of a saint. I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much!

Chloe - October 2016 - Thank you so much Karen!  I was so nervous in the beginning and you helped me stay calm, cool and collected :) Great advice and has a great knowledge of the test routes and teaching. Helped me so much in the last couple of days before my test.

Jake - October 2016 - Would just like to thank Allan for getting me driving a manual confidently after a few lessons would definitely recommend.

Justin - September 2016 - A big thanks to Karen and Allan for helping me pass my P's.  You guys taught me everything I needed to know and I can't thank you guys enough.  Cheers!!!

Cheyenne - August 2016 - Massive thank you to Karen for teaching me the skills I needed to get my license, I highly recommend L's Be Gone to anyone! Thanks again Karen.

Ellen - August 2016 - I would like to thank Karen for all her hard work, I was very happy to pass my driving test first time because of her great tips and instructions. Karen is a great teacher and makes you feel at ease when driving. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to get their Ps :) best of luck, Ellen

David - August 2016 - Big thank you to Karen & Allan for helping me pass my driving test!!! Helped me with everything i needed to pass my test and really honest and nice people. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.☺

Isabella - August 2016 - Would like to say a massive thank you to Karen for helping me in passing my driving test.  Her endless amount of patience made me feel completely comfortable and at ease.  I would highly recommend learning how to drive by 'L's Be Gone' to anyone. Thanks again Karen!

Azfar - August 2016 - Big thanks to both Karen and Allan for helping me pass my test!  Taught me everything I needed to know for it and much more. They're great honest people and I would definitely recommend to anyone.  Thanks again guys!

Bec - August 2016 - Thanks so much Karen for getting both the Cassar siblings on the road this year!

Ricky - August 2016 - Would just like to say a massive thank you to Karen, for helping me get my Licence!  I cannot thank Karen enough for giving me the skills needed to pass my test.  I would highly recommend 'L's Be Gone' to anyone! Thanks again Karen! 😊.

Kate - August 2016 - Karen thank you sooo much for teaching me all of the tips of the road, how to stay safe and handle any situation. You've been so easy to chat with and made me finally feel super confident and comfortable on the road!  I recommend Karen to anyone working towards getting their P's! Thank you again xxx.

Elliex - August 2016 -  I would like to thank Karen for all her hard work, I was very happy to pass my driving test first time because of her great tips and instructions. Karen is a great teacher and makes you feel at ease when driving. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to get their Ps :) best of luck, Ellen

Chris - August 2016 - Thank you Karen for the best experience with driving.  I passed my test first go.  Couldn't be happier with the knowledge she gave me with every lesson.

Jaimie - July 2016 - Very happy with my experience with Ls be gone, I learnt so much and would not have been able to pass without her. Thanks heaps 😅

Yahya July 2016 - THANKS to Karen and Allan, I passed my driving test! So happy 😀.

Jordan - July 2016 - Thank you Karen! A wealth of knowledge and so nice and respectful, so easy to get along with making lessons enjoyable! 110% would recommend.

Alana July 2016 - Thank you Karen for your patience, dedication and support during my journey of obtaining my licence. You're fantastic, highly recommended!!! Thanks heaps ❤️


Aaron June 2016 - Thanks Karen for teaching me to drive properly 👌🏼👍🏼

Brittany June 2016 - And a big thanks to Karen for since sept 2014! Passed my licence today with flying colours!  Thanks for being such a fabulous instructor and helping me through many months of bunny hops and stalls!

Jackson - June 2016 - Huge thanks to Karen for all the lessons, having a great teacher makes all the difference! Highly recommend.

Taylah - May 2016 - Biggest Thankyou to Karen I couldn't of done it without you, you taught me so much 😀.

Stephen - May 2016 - I can't thank Karen enough for the lessons I was given and couldn't of passed without her!

Tracy - May 2016 - Thank you thank you thank you, you have ensured my daughter will drive confidently and safely. You have been a pleasure to deal with and are highly recommended. Will see you in 5 years time when my son goes for his P's  🚗.

Jess - May 2016 - I cannot thank Karen enough for the skills she has given me. Every lesson was top notch and filled with encourgement and everything that I might face on the road. I passed my drive test with 0 mistakes and I couldn't be happier. I am recommending Karen to anyone needing to pass their test.

Laan - April 2016 - A few hours later, I still cannot believe I passed the driving test, on my first try! Thank you Karen for everything, especially for being patient with hard-headed me. Our (last) session, which is an hour before the actual test, had been the most invaluable because you corrected all my errors which I believe helped me to pass the test. Thanks again. Cheers!

Reshma April 2016 - Thank you Karen for helping me to pass my driving test with first attempt.  You are a great teacher!!!  Your right time judgements and valuable guidelines put me in driving with confidence.  Moreover, you care us a lot.  THANK YOU KAREN.

Crizz April 2016 - Thank you very much Karen for helping me pass the driving test today.  Huge thanks for your patience, support and all those driving tips you've shared, it really helped me a lot 😘.


Ashish April 2016 - Thanks Karen for your encouragement n safe driving tips in the refresher lessons. Exactly what was needed n requested. Also to mention were the add-ons with the routes to plenty of must-know local spots n local roads. You are a friendly n patient instructor. All the best for your future.

Rebekah April 2016 - Thank you so much Karen for helping me pass my driving test today 😆😆.  Also thank you for all the handy tips that you have given me over the past few weeks and for helping me to refine my driving and drill in the head checks and looking in the rear view mirror when braking.  You have been such a great driving instructor, thanks for being flexible and easy to talk to 😊😊🎉🎉.


Joel March 2016 - Thank you so much Karen.  I would have never have passed without you or your great drivingtips and encouragement.  I'm lucky you put up with my terrible driving and grinding your gears.  Everyone should give Karen a call if they want to pass on their first go.


Sarah March 2016 - A big THANK YOU to Karen for helping me finally get my licence, you're amazing.    🚘🚖🚘


Cobey March 2016 - Thanks a lot Karen and also your apprentice Allan for geting me to pass my P's test. Was great fun and also taught me a lot about the road... Great person  to chat and a great teacher, explains things very well and would recommend her to anyone and everyone...Thanks again Karen.

Sachin March 2016 - I am glad I took the lessons from Karen. She helped me clear the driving test in the first attempt itself. Coming from overseas, it was never easy for me to get used to the driving conditions here. She was helpful in correcting my driving mistakes and get me adjusted well enough to the Australian driving conditions. She was more than accommodating adjusting with her timings per my needs. I would strongly recommend her for driving lessons.

Colten March 2016 - Thanks Karen for your help in acquiring my P's today.  I'd highly recommend you as you are easy going, but still allowed me to gain the skills to get my licence through your "tough love", thanks again!

Nick March 2016 - No better thing than turning 18 and getting your licence.  Thanks to Karen for teaching me a bunch of handy tips.  To anyone looking for a driving instructor, I'd definately recmmend Karen.  She has a wealth of knowledge and has really good people skills.  Get in contact with her and you are pretty well guaranteed a pass!  Thanks again Karen.

Sue March 2016 -  Thank you so much Karen for all you did for Izzy, you made her feel so at ease.  Have recommended you to other friends, again - thank you so much.

Bec February 2016 -  Can't thank Karen enough for getting me through the driving test and getting me into green P's!  If she can get me onto the road, someone who had no confidence in driving, she can get anyone into shape for their licence!  Can't thank you enough Karen - x.


Brock January 2016 -  Great stuff!  Passed first go!  Thank you so much, you really helped me out!


Jake January 2016 -  Absolutely fantastic instructor, could not ask for more.  Just passed my driving test thanks to Karen.  Would 100% recommend.


Liisa January 2016 -  A huge thank you to Karen from L's Be Gone, in taking my son Bailey for his lessons and getting him to pass his test today.  You mazde him feel at ease and you helped him with his nerves.  Would recommend you to anyone in a heart beat.


Lyall January 2016 -  Thank you so much Karen.  Passed on the first attempt.  Will recommend to others.


Brock December 2015 -  Great stuff!  Passed first go!  Thank you so much, you really helped me out!


Chace December 2015 -  Thanks very much for all the help Karen!  Lessons were exactly what was needed for me to pass the test and drive saafely as a P plater.  Higly recommend Karen to any learner looking to pass their test!  Thanks again Karen!! 😁😁😁


James November 2015 -  I would like to say a huge thank you to Karen for the hard work she has put into helping me and many others pass their test for their P's.  Thank you Karen.  Sincerely James.  Hope to see you around.


Kung November 2015 -  Karen, she is a good driving instructor, she taught me well and told me about good useful tips a lot.  I was comfortable with her, so I could pass the test finally!  Thanks Karen, and thank you to L's Be Gone driving school.  I will recommend you to all of my friends!


Taylor November 2015 -  Thanks so much Karen!!  You are amzing at what you do!  You've taught me heaps and I couldn't be more greatful!!  Made me a more confident driver!  Thanks again!


Highly recommend you to everyone xx.


Driano October 2015 -  Just want to say a very big THANK YOU to Karen for being an absolutely awesome and patient driving instructor!!  I have learnt so much from you Karen and would never have got my confidence to drive and be on the road without your guidance and support.  So once again THANK YOU so very much, I am forever grateful to you!!


And to any learners out there, I would highly, highly recommend Karen as your instructor.  She is very knowledgeable and knows the do's and don'ts on the road to pass.  So get on it people, call her and book in today!!


Bolanle October 2015 -  Karen is a remarkable and personable driving instructor.  She helped to get my licence at first attempt.  She is knowledgeable  about what the testers arft and sheput me at eas.  I would highly recommend her to everyone.


Alysha October 2015 -  I would firstly like to thank Karen for all her help getting my licence today on my birthday.  She makes you feel more comfortable in the car and she has made me more confident driving! cI will recommend her to everyone!!  Thanks again Karen xx.


Leyton October 2015 -  Today after having my Learner Permit renewed twice, I finally have my P's.  Over the past 2 months going hard at working at getting my P's.  You are a very special person Karen.  Helped made this happen.  A huge thanks to Karen - great work on both parties.  With this process, I'm pleased to type that a friend has been made on both sides.


If you are looking for an instructor to get off your L's, I very much highly recommend Karens' L's Be Gone.


Also, I would like to add a HUGE Good Luck to people getting their licence, if at first you don't succeed, do try, try again.


Thanks again Karen.  You are truely amazing and very patient.  You will always be the most highly respected person that I have come to know.


Courtney October 2015 -  Thanks Karen for a great experience learning how to drive!  Always had a good time and now I'm on my P's thanks to you! 


Nathan October 2015 -  After 10 years without holding a licence, Karen was amazing.  Made me feel so comfortable driving again and helped every step of the way in getting my licence back....  Thank you so much for all your help!


Mostafiz October 2015 -  Thanks you Karen for helping my wife, you have so much patience like a Saint.  Without doubt I chose the best instructor for my wife.  I have tried so many before you, but you have done it.  Highly recommended for others.  Five star service.


Sarah October 2015 -  Thanks heaps Karen for all the driving lessons!  Very understanding and a great instructor.  I learnt so much and you made it very easy to learn from.  I have so much confidence on my driving now :)


Courtney September 2015 -  Thanks a million Karen, you have the patience of a saint and made me feel so at ease.  Without a doubt I chose the best instructor.  Highly recommended.


Josh September 2015 -  Thanks Karen for instructing me.  Loved your work, great instructor.  Keep the great work up.  Would recommend!!!


Suzanne September 2015 - A huge thanks to Karen for helping my son Jackson get his license on the day he turned 18!  Jackson needed some intensive driving lessons in the week leading upto his 18th, Karen brought Jackson upto speed in no time.  With 1 hour lesson on the day of his drivers licence, this really helped Jacko to pass with flying colours!  I would highly recommend Karen to anyone learning to drive.  Thanks again Karen.


Brett September 2015 - Huge thanks to Karen for helping prepare me for my driving test.  Great instructor and would highly recommend for others who are practising for their test!


Orathai August 2015 - Karen, just wanted to say a big thank you to you.  If I didn't have you - I wouldn't get my P's.  It was a great great experience with you.  You are the best driving instructor.  Thank you again for your help.


Liam August 2015 - A massive thank you to Karen for all her help in getting my P's.  Couldn't have asked for anything better, she knew everything there was to know about both safe driving and the area, and I've got no idea what I would've done without her!


Djurdja August 2015 - Karen, I don't know where to start...   Firstly, thank you so much for being the most respectful, caring and considerate instructor.  Especially since the prior three were a disaster.  I appreciate everything you have done for me and all the constant and helpful advice you have given me.  I was blessed to have you as my instructor and I wish only the best for you and your family and your growing business. Xoxoxox


Tegan August 2015 - Thanks Karen for helping me get my p's :) xxx


Alexandria July 2015 - Karen...just wanted to say Thank you, your driving school provides outstanding service.  It was a great experience having been taught by such a skilful and relaxed instructor.  Your friendliness means a lot to gained my confidence in driving.  I would highly recommend to anyone.  Thank you once again for all your hard efforts to help me achieve my licence.  God Bless!


Bianca July 2015 Got my P's! Best instructor Karen Senior - Thank you so much.


Mary June 2015 After trying so many driving schools and not feeling comfortable, I came across Karen who was really passionate about her job.  Karen helped me feel confident and comfortable after only 1 lesson.  I got my licence on my first go and I cannot thank her enough.  She worked with me around my uni schedule and was very flexible.  Thanks heaps Karen :)


Janelle May 2015 Thanks for being a fantastic instructor, I learned a lot with Karen ... I really do appreciate the time she spent with me driving and making sure I'm doing the right thing.  She's such an amazing lady with a beautiful personality, anyone looking for a licence, Karen is the way to go!!!


Amanni May 2015 After failing 8 times with other driving instructors, it was Karen who helped me finally pass! Thankyou so much, by far the best driving instructor in the west.


Mitchell April 2015 Thanks to L's be gone I've passed my driving test and have got my P...'s! Thanks a lot Karen for taking time out of your day to give me lessons, and taking me for my driving test! Had a great time and thanks again for the lessions :)


Earvin April 2015 Karen is a precise driving instructor. successfully got my full license today (from an overseas driving license).  L's Be Gone Driving School is highly recommended!  I just passed my driving test today! Karen made sure everything is covered. Thank you! definitely recommended to everyone.


Oma April 2015 A very big thankyou to Karen for providing a fantastic service will definitely be recommending you to everyone thanks heaps Kyle xx


Stephanie March 2015 Finally I got my long awaited P's....🚘🚘Thanks a lot for all your help Karen....

Your such an amazing driving instructor and anyone who goes with you will be amazed just how calm and patient you are.  I Recommend everyone who has their L's and looking for an instructor that makes you comfortable, corrects your errors and make you feel safe and at ease behind the wheel well then Ls Be Gone is definately something that leaves you happy and confident at the end of your L's Journey...Thank you so much, I'm so happy and I couldn't have done it without your help.


Naomi February 2015 After a long time putting it off, I finally went out to get my licence and thanks to Karen I probably wouldn't have passed! Massive thanks to her and she taught me many things in the few lessons with her and I would definitely recommend her to everyone! She's absolutely brilliant.


Geet January 2015 Karen is the best instructor I've met (having tried a few others in the past). She is methodological, professional and lends you the confidence from day one. She adapts to the learners style which is a very helpful trait because driving can't be taught in a cookie cutter style. I am a process driven person and like to learn techniques and then implement them. Karen was very supportive!! I would strongly recommed her to all my friends:) Thanks a bunch Darl!!


Jaspreet January 2015 - Great instructor and best coching you can get in Melbourne.  Karen has been great in teaching the road safety rules whilst driving. I personally recommend you all to go take lessons from her as there are many instructors on road, but honestly speaking, she does a great job keeping in mind you that get your success.


Andrew December 2014 - Karen is an amazing instructor.  With her guidance, I passed first time around without a hitch.  She taught me not only how to pass the test but to become a safe and responsible driver on the road.  She's a fantastic teacher and I would recommend her to anyone seeking help driving.


Iqbal November 2014 - Just got my full Victorian licence today.  Had a wonderful experience driving with Karen.  Thanks cheers:)


Sarwar - November 2014 - Top class instructor! I passed in the first attempt.  Karen worked out a custom tailored lesson plan for me based on the initial lesson. There were end of lesson reviews so I knew which parts I should improve. Also, learning in original test routes boosts the confidence. Being an ex licence testing officer, she knows about ... the routes and what exactly the tester is looking for during the test.
Finally, driving is not just passing the test. One important thing is to drive safely. She always mentioned traffic rules, do's and dont's and common driving hazards during the lessons, which is very helpful to become a solo driver.
I absolutely recommend L's Be Gone.


Pooja - November 2014 - Five starts without even thinking about it, Karen is just too good, ...very professional and always guide you in right direction. You won't only get a license but also you will learn the best way possible. Was looking for an Indian trainer, but glad I opted for Karen, and passed on my 1st attempt. Skills she has passed on to me was simply amazing. Karen I would like to wish you luck and thanks heaps.


Sarah - October 2014 - I've had many instructors before and I wish I knew Karen any earlier! Such a great instructor! Thanks Karen


Eric - October 2014 - Absolutely amazing instructor. Thank you so much Karen! with your guidance, I passed my practical test first shot! could have never done it without your expertise and great service. Will be recommending onto all of my non-licensed friends. Thanks so much Karen!


Sara - August 2014 - A big thank you to Karen, who spent hours upon hours tolerating me haha. No but honestly, thank you for all that you have done! I certainly would not have my license if it weren't for you. You have been there supporting me and guiding me through this whole period, teaching me the ins and outs of the test courses! Karens ex tester experience as well as her knowledge of the area is certainly a big help when doing your lessons leading up to your test. From the moment I met Karen we couldn't stop talking when we would go for my lessons! This made the drive feel so much more comfortable and easy to ask questions when I didn't understand something. I would highly recommend doing driving lessons with Karen to anyone who needed them, as I know how much I have learnt since driving with her.


Daniel - August 2014 - I would like to say thank you to Karen she was a fantastic teacher, her ex tester experience shows big time. Wouldn't have my P's without her.


Bess - August 2014 - I would like to thank Karen for all of the wonderful support and kindness she showed to me over the time we spent together, she is an absolutely wonderful instructor with such a depth of knowledge about both driving and the testing environment. I would without a doubt recommend her to others looking to get their license, there is no way I would have been able to get there without her! Her lovely personality made the learning experience so enjoyable and the feeling of solo driving is so much less stressful thanks to all the she has taught me!


Laura - August 2014 - I would like to thank Karen for helping me get my license. She is a wonderful teacher and I have learnt so much from you. If I didn't have you as my teacher I don't think I would of gotten my license. You were great on the day of the test, made me feel at ease. Thanks Karen!


Claudia - June 2014 - Was 21 with no driving experience when I met Karen this year. The biggest issue I had with driving on the road was the fear of driving with other cars and because of this my parents wouldn't take me out driving at all. This fear was pretty much overcome within my first lesson! Karen was able to make me feel extremely safe on the road and give me the confidence boost I needed to drive.

I was having 2-3 2hr lessons a week with Karen and within 2 months of lessons. I successfully got my hazards and Ps at Vicroads (the tester actually told me I "nailed it").


Being based on the other side of town, Karen didn't know any of the test routes and I think this really proves why Karen stands out from other driving instructors. She doesn't just teach you how to get your license, she actually teaches you how to drive.

The buzz of getting my Ps and solo driving still hasn't worn off yet!! Although I definitely miss our fun drives and chats! Thank you so much again Karen!!!!

P.S. I'm still the best reverse parallel parker out of everyone I know thanks to you haha.


Melanie - June 2014 - I just want to thank Karen so much for being such an amazing driving instructor. I have honestly been through 6 driving's instructors and just when I had given up I got in contact with her and before I knew it I had my licence. She truly cared whether I got it or not. Again I can't recommend her enough she has opened so many doors for me!




Driving Instructor

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