Here is some of what our clients have to say




Nathan - September 2021 - If it weren’t for Allan, I don’t think I would ever be able to drive a manual car and being a mechanic, manual is a necessity to my trade. I passed my test with flying colours and that’s thanks to Allan.

Jaylon - September 2021 - I got my licence today and it would not have been possible without Karen. She is an amazing instructor who teaches you what's important for driving, she doesn't mess around and gives you the valuable information. Karen is also very patient and will correct your mistakes by being informative and firm. She's a pleasure to have as a passenger as well who gladly ask any questions you have regarding driving. Massive thanks to Karen and I highly recommend her services👍🏾👍🏾

Kirsten - September 2021 - A big thank you to Karen at L's Be Gone.  If it wasn't for Karen, I would have never gotten my licence, she is so patient and is a fantastic teacher.  Being a Mum of three, one is still a toddler, I found it hard to find the time to get the driving practice I needed, but Karen was happy to have my daughter tag along on our lessons and even provided the car seat.  I was told most of my life I wasn't cut out to drive, but thanks to Karen, I worked on it and finally got there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤

Yvonne - June 2021 - I passed my test thanks to Karen! She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me to not only pass my test, but to be a safe driver. She has given me plenty of advice and tips to be a more confidident and safe on the road, and I would definitely recommend her services!

Kannav - May 2021 - I would like to give special thanks to Karen who is well experienced, professional and has depth of knowledge about driving. She taught me all the important driving rules and regulations in order to clear the driving test.  However, I have been driving car for last 6 years, but I took 5 lessons just to make sure that I can’t do any mistakes during the final test because small-2 things matter a lot during the final test. Finally, I cleared my test at first attempt. At last, I will say she is one of the best driving teachers and very polite by nature. I would like to recommend all the people just go to L’s BE GONE driving school if anybody wants to clear their test at first attempt, that will be the right place for everyone.

Jassy - April 2021 - Couldn’t recommend Karen and L’s Be Gone enough. I was a very anxious driver starting off, and Karen was nothing but supportive and helped me overcome my nerves. Thanks a heap Karen!! Xx

Vince - March 2021 - Thanks to Karen for helping pass my driving test on the first go... She is a great driving instructor and would 100% recommend.

Montana - February 2021 - Thanks so much Karen!!!

Michelle - February 2021 - I’d like to say a BIG thank you to Karen, for helping me pass my P’s test!! I could not have done it without her.

Cooper - January 2021 - Found Allan and Karen online, wanting to go from auto to manual licence. Allan has been an outstanding teacher. He has been supportive and patient in every situation over the 7 lessons I had. Allan taught everything perfect and made the test a breeze to pass. They have great pricing and I highly recommend them to anyone needing to learn, or improve their driving. Thank you so much

Hussain - September 2020 - Great experience with manual lessons with Karen. Passed my first go. Would highly recommend.

Aji - July 2020 - I really had a wonderful experience with Allan and Karen, and got my license a few days ago.  They're dedicated, passionate and motivated instructors who wants to help their students learn and get their driving license.  I had my lessons with Allan, he's funny and makes me feel driving is all about self confidence and is enjoyable.  So far he's the best instructor I have learned with.  I am super happy that I can drive all by myself now.  I had few lessons with other driving schools but I didn't feel as comfortable with them.  After that I found "L's Be Gone Driving School" they're the best instructors I've seen. "I would strongly recommend them to anyone".

Arash - July 2020 - Fantastic person and a great instructor.  Couldn't be happier with the service provided. Karen goes above and beyond to be as thorough as possible throughout the process. Because of Karen, I was able to feel comfortable driving throughout all sorts of conditions and received my license through her help. Thank you very much.

Belle - July 2020 - I just got my P’s today and I only took the test the first time!  Thank you Karen for all your help.  You have greatly changed my life and I may not be driving perfectly, but you helped me to improve and be more confident on the road.  The first time I started as a Learner driver I was terrible. 😂 You helped me believe that I can achieve my goal.  Honestly without you, I would have not taken a big step and had the guts to take the test as soon as this.  I will always keep in mind the lessons you have taught me.  I will keep recommending you to all the Learner drivers that I know because among all the instructors I had, you’re the best out there. You believed in me when I couldn’t do that myself and you always go out of your way to help people. Thank you so much! I wish you the best. ❤️

Sam - June 2020 - Karen is an amazing drive instructor.  She was so easy to feel comfortable with during our lessons and prepared me immensely for my test.

Leilani - June 2020 - Thank you so much to Karen for helping me get my license, you were so helpful and I learned much 100% recommended 💕

Cassandra - March 2020 - I was a very anxious driver but Karen gave me the confidence to drive and pass my test. Definitely recommend.

Mason - March 2020 - A little late to the party but just received my P's today with the help of Karen Senior. Would highly recommend her to anyone looking to get their license, very understanding and supportive throughout the whole process and I couldn't have done it without her. Thanks again so much! ☺️


Jesse - February 2020 - Thank you so much to Karen for helping me get my P's. Amazing lessons and really good instructor.  Always helping me make my driving better and teach me all the ways to drive correctly.

Anita - January 2020 - I passed today.  Absolutely amazing driving instructor and wonderful soul.  I had low confidence and was always told I could never do it.  Karen worked with me and was incredibly patient, understanding, non judgemental, and working with me from scratch.  I honestly think I would not have passed without her, and keeping me going and not giving up on me.  She has taught me safe driving and knowing everything and more from scratch.  Thank you so much to Karen I can't believe I have my P's and the independence and confidence it brings :) .

Nicole - December 2019 - I have done many lessons with both Allan and Karen and I wouldn't reccomend anyone else! I've used 3 drive schools and this one is definitely the best. They taught me everything I needed to know and it helped me pass my test first time!

Ismar - November 2019 - My dad met Karen at the car wash one day and I am so glad he did..  Karen excellently taught me everything I needed to know about driving and how to be safe on the road. No car ride was boring with her :)

Tom - November 2019 - A big thanks to Karen and Allan who helped me get my license, they are just great people who are really kind, supportive and amazing teachers, I could not have got my license without their constant help and advice.  So thankful to them both

Demi - November 2019 - Honestly the best instructors out there. Super friendly and great at teaching you the ins-and-outs if driving. Thanks to Karen I got my license, so these guys know their stuff.

Racheal - September 2019 - Thank you so much to Karen for helping me with my driving over only a few lessons.  I was with an other driving instructor when my parents wanted another perspective and more time with another driving instructor. I was pointed to Karen by Alicia and I'm so glad I was. Karen really cares about your success and wants to ensure your safety even after your driving test. She uses the lesson to do nothing but teach you the best. I had only spent a couple lessons with her before my test and if I hadn't, I believe passing that test would have been more difficult. Thank you so much Karen for making me feel more confident when driving and I will always look out for Johny 😆

Nikki - September 2019 - A massive thank you to Karen for her patience in teaching both my kids to drive and to successfully pass their driving tests.

Johnathon - September 2019 - What A Day, Thanks to Karen and Allan. Wouldn't have been possible with out them. 


Emily - September 2019 - Thank you Allan for helping me get my P’s would definitely go through you guys again if I had to.

Michael - September 2019 - Thanks to Karen for helping me get my license highly recommended her.

Alicia - September 2019 - Hello everyone.  I was a long time student at L's Be Gone.  I now have my licence and couldn't have done it without the help of Karen.  L's Be Gone teaches you exactly what you need to know and how to be a confident and a safe driver on Victorian roads.  They don't have a set timetable for what they teach as each lesson is individual.  They teach you based on your driving standards and how capable you are.  Again, thank you so much and good luck for the future.  MacKenzie, Racheal, Shannon and Leilani.  This is my driving instructor and I highly recommend lessons with her.  She will help you obtain confidence and extra information you didn't think you needed, but do.

Vasudha - August 2019 - Thanks Taren for your tips and help. You were awesome with my daughter. She passed in first try! I would highly recommend you to anyone. Best instructor I have seen. Love your focus on road safety. Would come back in few years with my younger one too. 😀😀

Chicho - August 2019 - A very big thank you to Karen Senior for The guidance during my son's Samuel driving lessons and test, Thank you for taking the time and care you put into Samuel lessons just like he was your own child, you helped him build his confidence and believed in him , when he doubted himself . Samuel received 100% on test day and is off driving . You really know your stuff Karen Thanks Andrew , Karis and Samuel.

Jarr - August 2019 - Thanks Karen for helping me pass my drive test.

Jacquie- July 2019 -🚘 Yey. Best day ever.  I got my drivers licence today.  Couldn’t of done it with out my two beautiful instructors Allan 💙and Karen 💜 xxx.  Two of the most beautiful people you will ever meet
Thank you both so much, I wouldn’t be hanging my P plates without you both.  Best driving school , very highly recommended 👍🏼.  I suffered extreme driving- test anxiety and L’s Be Gone got me there.  Thank you.  Beep beep 😆👏🏼

Lauren- July 2019 -I love Karen. She was amazing and taught me so much in such a short time. I passed my P's with flying colours. Thank you.

Renee- July 2019 -Massive thank you to Karen for helping me over the years and building up my confidence! Would 100% recommend having your driving lessons with Karen if you’re after someone who is both patient and knowledgeable!

Archana May 2019 - Karen's classes are very organised.  Very helpful to get a full road sense. I would definitely recommend her if you want to be a great driver!!

Dominik- July 2019 -A Thank you so much Karen your instructions made is so much easier to pass my test they were clear and easy, would 100% recommend to anyone.

Mitch- April 2019 -A big thank you to Karen for helping me achieve my license and for being so flexible with the hours we drove. Would recommend 🤩

Adrian- April 2019 -Thanks Karen for helping me achieve my goal of getting my license highly recommend as a great teacher and can hold a great convo 👌🏼thanks again.

Crystal- April 2019 -Thank you so much to Karen for helping me get my license!!! You were so helpful!! And definitely the best instructor in Melbourne!! You’re a superstar, Thank you so much love 💖

Deb- April 2019 -Thank you so much Karen and Allan, you are both amazing instructors.

Johnny- March 2019 -Just wanted to say thank you to Karen for all the driving lessons working towards getting my P's today.  It was an absolute pleasure since the very first lesson. Always made me feel comfortable behind the wheel which made everything you taught me that little bit easier. If you are after driving lessons with an amazing teacher. I highly recommend Karen.

Camillo- February 2019 -Big thanks to Karen for getting me ready for my license.  Always supportive and more tips than I thought possible.

Kerren- February 2019 -Well done Tam, freedom for both you and me. Very proud of you. 2 kids down 1 to go! A huge thanks to Karen from L’s Be Gone for all your help this these last few weeks, highly recommended.

Andy- January 2019 -A big thank you to Karen for teaching my child to drive and enabling her to pass the driving test on her very first try. You are a knowledgeable instructor and are well able to put your students at ease. Big thumbs up!!!

Ruby- January 2019 -Could not recommend Karen enough.  She was fantastic with my son and very patient.  He is a better driver having gone with Karen.  She regularly touched base as to how he was going and what I could work on with him.  He passed first go!  Best instructor I have come across!  Thank you so much Karen.

Dylan- December 2018 -What a way to end the year. I would like to thank Allan for helping me build up my driving from the ground up. Would highly recommend L’s Be Gone for any type of driver wanting to become the best that they can.

Rosalyn- December 2018 -Thanks so much Karen for helping me with my driving test. Would highly recommend L’s Be Gone to friends.😊

James- December 2018 -Very good driving instructor! Highly recommend L’s B Gone. Cheaper than most and definitely better than basically all!

Zayne- October 2018 -Thanks so much to Karen for helping me ace my driving test, couldn’t have done it without your assistance!!  Highly recommend

Sharna- October 2018 -Got my P’s today! Such a good journey and experience with Karen! She is such a lovely person and is easy going, which helps with each lesson as she keeps you calm behind the wheel! Definitely recommend Karen 100%. Thank you Karen !!

Hayden- October 2018 -Thank you L’s be gone, couldn’t of passed my test without. Definitely would recommend to everyone

Kelly- September 2018 -What a wonderful service you provide Karen Senior...can't thank you enough for your patience, experience, knowledge and caring you gave Shannon he's now a confident independent driver love your work ❤️

BeckSeptember 2018 -Karen and Allan, I just wanted to thank you both so very much for the lessons, patience and belief you have in your students. I'm very much in debt to you both knowing what a safe and competent driver my daughter is and it’s because of the life long skills instilled in her from the two of you.

AlySeptember 2018 -I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to both Karen and Allan for helping me with my driving and being able to pass my test. Both very understanding and supportive instructors, would 100% recommend to anyone.

CaitlinSeptember 2018 -Thanks so much to L’s Be Gone for helping me get my Ps! Thank you Karen for helping me improve my driving skills and help me to become more confident on the road. Would 100% recommend😊

Chloe- August 2018 -Had a successful drive test today. Thank you so much Karen for making the journey enjoyable and safe. So very thankful for the help!!!

Jayden- August 2018 -Big thank you to Karen for helping me get my p’s I couldn’t of done it without you, very helpful and definitely will be recommending you to all my mates

Casey- August 2018 - Massive thank you to you Karen! Can’t appreciate the time and effort enough!

Ebony- July 2018 - Massive thanks to Karen for helping me pass my drive test yesterday! All her tips and corrections when making mistakes really did help me and I was able to gain so much more skills and knowledge when it came to the test time. I highly recommend L’s Be Gone to anyone who has done most their hours but needs work on their driving skills 😬😬

Natasha- July 2018 - Thank you so much for today, I’ve had so much trouble with other driving schools and you were absolutely amazing, thank you for teaching me so much and getting me out on the roads, 10/10 would recommend.

Donna- May 2018 - Congrats Nathan, thank you Karen for your expert training.

Georgia- May 2018 -Thanks so much to Karen for helping me ace my driving test, couldn’t have done it without your assistance!!  Highly recommend 😍

LisaMay 2018 -Thanks Karen for getting my son Brayden over the line safely.

Mitch & MargieMay 2018 -Thank you Karen for looking after Tia and for all your help 😄 highly recommend.

TiaMay 2018 -Thank you so much Karen for all your help in making me more confident on the road, and passing my drive test! Couldn’t recommend L’s Be Gone enough 🚗 

MackenzieApril 2018 - Thank you so much Karen for the lessons, I'm so glad I had you as my instructor, you were so nice and made me feel comfortable. Thank you for helping me get my licence.

AshleighApril 2018 - Karen is calm, patient and the most fantastic instructor anyone could ever ask for. She genuinely teaches you how to drive, not just how to pass the drive test. The communication and feedback I got helped me learn to drive with confidence.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much Karen.  I genuinely would have had no chance of getting my license if it wasn't for you!!

BrettMarch 2018 - Karen is a fantastic driving instructor, taught me everything I needed to know to be ready and to be completely confident in passing my drivers test, would highly recommend booking in lessons with her! 👌👌

EmilyMarch 2018 - Just got my license with L’s Be Gone, I can’t thank Karen enough for her fantastic lessons!

TaneeshaMarch 2018 - Thank you so much Karen! Thank you for getting me ready for my licence, without you I wouldn’t of done it at all. All your help to push me to become confident! Couldn’t thank you enough, would recommend to anyone and everyone!

MeddyFebruary 2018 - Massive thanks to Karen for helping me get my license! Knows the test routes well and helped me build the skills to be a safe driver 😊😊. Thanks again.

JasmineFebruary 2018 - Thanks so much Karen!  Your support, guidance and belief got me through for the ultimate success, passing on the 1st try. After 18 years of holding my Learner’s permit, I can throw out the L’s and stick up nice shiny green Ps!  The Ls Be {most definitely} Gone!

MatthewFebruary 2018 - A big thanks to Karen for helping me successfully get my P,s she is by far the best driving instructor - highly recommend her to anyone 😊 just always remember - Mirror Signal Mirror Head-check !

RainJanuary 2018 - Huge thanks to Karen and Allan for helping me getting my license. You are beautiful souls who are patient, understanding and accommodating. You taught me all the skills and tips I need to know to be a safe driver. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a driving instructor.

ClaraJanuary 2018 - Thank you so much Karen, for allowing my drive test day to go so smoothly 👍.  All the things that you had taught me along the way helped me so much during my drive test which allowed me to attain my Green P’s.  You made driving into something that I really enjoyed and love doing and I can’t thank you enough!  Cheers for fixing me up along the way so that I can become a safer driver on the road.



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